The Challenge

To grow a brand new company brand and solidify Rubix's position in the sector. Whilst also creating assets that will positively return an ROI.

The Solution

We created a series of property tour videos specifically designed to show off the personality of the new and growing company. These also had the main benefit of being able to showcase the properties.

The Results

This series of videos allowed Rubix to fill their lettings quicker and with more engagement than before, as well as using the videos as a marketing tool to aquire new lettings.

Brand Changing!

The Challenge

Frank Taylor & Associates were looking for an updated company video showcasing this new brand image and bringing their existing values to the forefront.

The Solution

We specifically created a tight shotlist and script to simply convey exactly what FTA stands for in the most engaging way possible. This shoot took only a few hours of production time and was turned around within a couple of days.

The Results

This has allowed FTA to really lean into their new online brand, and has promoted the 35 year old company within a new demographic, leading to more deals in a previously untapped market.


The Challenge

The BACD are a large established academy based in the UK, however they were looking to grow online and in a younger demographic.

The Solution

We created a plan to capture their roster of events that they held each year as well as producing a suite of content showcasing their members. This was and continues to be an ongoing project.

The Results

This has allowed the BACD to grow online as well as target a wider and younger demographic. It has also been an opportunity to further engage with their existing members and add this on as a benefit.

It's fantastic!

The Challenge

Wings for Life are a Red Bull charity who were looking to highlight some of the amazing work they do with those with spinal injuries. We only had a very short amount of time for this shoot, as well as shooting with the public in mind.

The Solution

We specifically shot in a style that allowed all of the public to remain anonymous, and created a piece of longer form content showcasing the synergy between Wings for Life, their members, and the wider community.

The Results

This has allowed them to promote their upcoming events and work that they're doing, further adding to the sign ups and outreach that they were already working on.

This is Epic!

The Challenge

To create a successor event and promotion to a very successful event back in 2019. Involved a very high paced shoot, in varying conditions of lighting.

The Solution

We brought mutiple cameras to capture everything that we could, and worked tirelessly with the event organisers to make sure that we didn't miss a shot!

The Results

This allowed Digimax to massively promote the event internationally, and keep interest at an all time high for future events.


The Challenge

To create an international piece of content promoting Sculpt's network and teaching overseas in Dubai. This involved travelling light and keeping tight to scripting, whilst also being light on our feet.

The Solution

We created a headline video of the trip showcasing each aspect of it. This featured as part of the launch campaign for the brand alongside other product assets that we'd created.

The Results

This allowed the Sculpt brand to expand into Dubai as well as solidify it's place within the UK as a sought after entity.

Love it!

The Challenge

To create some high quality content to set the Bond Dental brand apart from many other dentists in the area.

The Solution

We created a suite of videos including a headline video for their website as well as eductational and social media content.

The Results

The allowed Bond Dental to attract the patient that they wanted aswell as flood their social media with content unlike any other business in their area. They have further gone on to grow the brand.

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