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Which side are you on?

It has been predicted that by 2020 over 80% of all content served online will be video

This means that all other forms of content including images, blog posts and status updates (whilst they may all still be important) will have a harder time being viewed. This is because people are becoming increasingly lazy and anything less than a video is too much effort. So why not turn that blog post into a 1-minute video? Or that boring status update into a Facebook live story or Snap?

If you’re still deliberating as to whether video is right or not for your business, take a look at the video above.

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6 simple ideas for dental social media content

Publicising your practice is never easy, you have a million and one things going through your head, when should you post something? What do you say? Do you post a photo or a video? The list is endless.The best marketing tool out there is the word of mouth, and that’s because people trust people. Therefore, it’s essential that your social media platforms (i.e. Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.) are authentic and approachable.

So below are FTA Media’s 6 simple ideas for creating beautiful smiles – social-media content (we will leave creating beautiful smiles to the professionals).

6 reasons why video will boost your website’s Google ranking

With experts predicting that video will make up over 80% of all content on the internet by 2020, there’s a reason that huge companies such as Google and Facebook are jumping the gun and figuring out ways to rank websites with video on effectively. Large brands such as Coca Cola and Nike have increased their video marketing budget over the past 3 years by around 71% compared to previous years, however, this has yet to filter down to the small to medium business area. Meaning that video is the perfect way to cut through the noise and get yourselves seen on Google.

Here are 6 reasons that video will boost your Google ranking:

Some Tips in Producing Good Corporate Videos

Focus on the customer

The client is the focus of any good business. It must aim to solve the problems that customers have. In other words, companies should be service-oriented more than profit-oriented. Focus on what matters to the client. They really do not care too much about the company’s history or the way the company runs itself. One may see this in video testimonials London productions.

This is the problem with most corporate videos. They are written from the company’s perspective instead of the client’s. The company must ask itself: who is the video for? To whom will it be shown? Will the company be its target audience, or the customers? The majority of businesses, however, still continue to talk about themselves and puff themselves up in their corporate videos.

Video Production Company In London

Making the Right Corporate Video

Corporate videos need the assistance and help of a good video production company in London. It can even help reach the right target market through the utilisation of a video marketing service. It is crucial to create a video that authentically reflects the core company values and their commitment to their customers. It must show the proposition of the business, while at the same time engage its viewers and reach out to them both rationally and emotionally. The focus of such videos must be towards directly responding to the needs of the clients.

Clients’ Testimonial Videos

A testimonial video from one’s clients provide a business a very good opportunity to quickly establish trust and confidence with new and prospective clients. Besides this, it also strengthens one’s relationships with the existing customers, and it also develops compelling and incredibly positive marketing advantages to boost sales. Most effective and powerful are testimonials which are unscripted and authentic. It therefore pays to obtain the services of a testimonial videos production company London based, if one is from the UK.

Testimonial Videos London

Currently, the most effective way of influencing consumers is to provide an objective and authentic personal recommendation from someone who has already sampled the product or service being marketed. When it is the business or company itself that is marketing their services or products, one may tend to put a little healthy skepticism into the pitch. However, when it is a fellow consumer who’s heaping praises on the business, one may tend to listen a little more closely. This is where testimonial videos London comes in.

Creative Video Production London

Reasons to Invest in Corporate Video Marketing

There was a time when companies don’t even want a website, because it is not considered mainstream or beneficial for business. Now, it is inconceivable not to have a company website. Websites are a major center of transactions as well as informational hubs that unravels the company to the world.

Today, even this is not enough anymore. In these times, videos are a standard prerequisite in businesses. Especially in social media, it takes a lot to catch the attention of consumers, and there are few things that can do this better than corporate videos. And professional creative video production London companies abound that can efficiently do the job.

Corporate Video Production UK

Corporate video production UK is defined as the process of creating communications material in the audio-video format, whether in HD, streaming videos, DVD, or others that is primarily commissioned by an organisation, corporation or company. It is usually intended for specific purposes within the B2B or corporate setting, often towards a target audience.

Corporate videos may be client testimonials, project videos, or company or service promotional videos. It is usually the territory of the manager for corporate communications or company marketing. Corporate videos may also be safety and training videos, financial reports, and brand promotional videos.